Treating Migraines with Medical Marijuana

Migraines are much more than a headache. Debilitating and unpredictable, they impact millions around the world. Historically, few treatments have been able to offer real relief, but the recent embrace of medical cannabis in Chicago and other places is changing that reality for migraine patients. When it’s accessible, it can change lives — and even save them.

It’s difficult to describe the extent to which frequent migraines can cause harm. A devastating blend of acute pain and chronic occurrence, they can crush any ability to rest, relax, or work productively when they strike. For some, they can even drive feelings of life-threating depression and frustration.

That’s why many sufferers turn to medical marijuana. Thanks to research, advocacy groups, and patients themselves, the long-suspected relief that cannabis can provide is finally a frequent topic of discussion among medical and media professionals. Used responsibly, it can instantly and effectively soothe many of the symptoms of a migraine with relatively few side effects.

In the past, getting that kind of help often meant breaking the law, but the benefits to patients have driven many areas to open up marijuana for medical use. At businesses like Midway Dispensary, relief is the currency of the day, and well worth navigating the challenges of a growing industry where reliable help for patients is more available than ever.