How Chicago Marijuana Edibles Can Help Insomnia

Getting to sleep some nights can be tough. Whether it is the next day at work that is weighing on your mind, or you are worried about a bill you forgot to pay on time, not being able to fall asleep is something most people experience from time to time. However, when not being able to sleep becomes something that happens every single night, you may have developed insomnia. Insomnia affects over 3 million people each year, but it can be managed if correctly diagnosed. Chicago marijuana edibles are a newer treatment to help insomniacs fall asleep at night, but is one that has seen success. Here are some ways in which cannabis edibles can help stop insomnia in its tracks and assist you in having a full night’s rest again.

The right strain will relax you – Many people think that any of the Chicago marijuana edibles available in a dispensary will help them sleep. Of course, that is not the case since there are many strains, potencies, and varieties of edibles out there. Working with your doctor and the professionals at the dispensary will help you to find the right edible, strain, and dosage for your needs.

Edibles can help to keep you asleep – One of the most significant reasons that insomniacs turn to Chicago marijuana edibles to help them get to sleep is because they are often longer-lasting and keep you asleep. While other methods of cannabis consumption can also help you fall asleep quicker at night, most of them do not have the lasting effects of edibles. The reason edibles keep you sleeping for longer than other types of consumption is because they have to be digested and absorbed into your bloodstream, which is processed through your liver. Since it has to go through your liver, the effects of the marijuana are spaced out over a more extended period instead of all at once.

Edibles do not usually have a “hangover effect” – Many times with traditional sleep aids, a patient feels groggy and irritable in the morning when they wake up. This is described as the “hangover effect,” and it can make patients feel out of it for many hours after waking up. Since Chicago marijuana edibles have to be sent through your liver before they go anywhere else in your body, the release time is a little different and does not always result in the morning grogginess you get from prescription sleep aids. It is important to dose them accurately with your doctor beforehand and make sure you are dosing yourself too fast to have the benefits of the edibles happen more quickly. If you do these two things incorrectly, you do put yourself at risk for having more of a fog hanging over your head in the morning.

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