Chicago Marijuana Edibles: Frequently Asked Questions

With the various ways you can get the benefits of medicinal cannabis, one of the most popular is through ingestion, or marijuana edibles. The stereotypical image of cannabis edibles is of that which is seen in movies, TV, and other aspects of pop culture. However, not all edibles are in brownie form.  There are plenty of Chicago marijuana edibles in our dispensary that are not bakery items, and also differ in dosage, potency, and size. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about edibles, and their answers in relation to our dispensary.

What exactly are marijuana edibles?

Cannabis edibles are categorized as food or beverage that contains marijuana or its oil. These edibles are taken in by ingestion and can come in the form of various foods, such as bakery items, candy, or oils, and in drinks. Any Chicago marijuana edibles from our dispensary are sold pre-packaged, but you can purchase cannabis oil or butter from us to cook your own.

How potent are edibles?

The level of potency in our Chicago marijuana edibles varies to what strain they may be derived from, as well as their dosage. Since they are created with concentrated levels of THC and CBD, or the psychoactive chemicals in cannabinoids, they are to be ingested with caution. Additionally, this form of medical cannabis is processed by your liver, so the effects of it are stronger than if you were to consume it in other ways. Always discuss the potency of any edibles with the dispensary staff before deciding to purchase them.

How long does it take for edibles to work?

The amount of time it takes for Chicago marijuana edibles to kick in varies from person to person. Since ingesting cannabis does take longer to affect your body because it has to go through your liver first, it may take longer than other types of consumption.  It is essential to start out small with edibles and be patient for the cannabis to work in your body. If you become impatient with the high not happening quick enough and ingest more to speed up the process, you can potentially put yourself in a dangerous situation because the effect will be a lot at one time.

The talented and knowledgeable staff at Midway Dispensary is here to guide you to the right Chicago marijuana edibles for your illness or situation. For more information about our cannabis products, our hours of operation, or anything else, give us a call today at (872) 267-7038.