CBD vs. Cannabis Oil in Illinois: What You Should Know

With the rise of medicinal marijuana and cannabis oil in Illinois, there are plenty of dispensaries that talk about the health properties of the plant. One of the vaguest talking points when it comes to medical marijuana is the difference between CBD oil, otherwise known as cannabidiol, and cannabis oil. Many people believe that these two separate medicinal cannabis products are the same thing, but each of them are used to treat different health problems. Here is the difference between CBD oil and cannabis oil in Illinois, and how each one could benefit you.


One of the most popular cannabis products available is CBD oil. Unlike cannabis oil in Illinois, CBD oil contains a lower level of THC, or the main psychoactive in cannabis. Additionally, it is also made solely from marijuana or hemp, which by law has to be made with little to no THC in it. With the strict regulations surrounding what it is made from, CBD oil has very little in it to begin with, which makes it an excellent alternative to treat a variety of diseases and disorders. This type of oil has had success treating conditions that deal with chronic pain, issues with nausea, and anxiety-related disorders.

Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil in Illinois and CBD oil both start out as the same product, but end up with entirely different properties. Cannabis oil has a high percentage of THC in it, which allows for the primary psychoactive ingredient to effect a user in an opposite way than its cousin, CBD oil. Since THC levels are higher in this type of oil, the potency and way it affects a patient are more intense. Cannabis oil should be adequately dosed, just like all medicinal cannabis products, but precisely because of its strength on a user. Cannabis oil in Illinois has been used to treat many different types of illnesses, such as insomnia, anorexia, glaucoma, and epilepsy.

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