close-up of outstretched hand with question marks

Questions to Ask at the Dispensary

With more and more marijuana dispensaries opening in Chicago, you might find yourself wondering exactly how to approach your first visit. While you might be somewhat familiar with the effects different strains of marijuana have on you, the sheer variety you can find at many dispensaries might leave your head spinning. So how do you pick out the right variety for the type of experience you are after? The answer is to ask the right questions.

Many employees at most dispensaries have a good understanding of their stock, and you will always benefit from being upfront by asking them any questions you have or asking for their assistance in making recommendations. If you aren’t already familiar with the differences, ask about the differences between indica, sativa, or hybrid strains. Terpene profiles add another layer of complexity to your selection. You can also ask them about their personal experiences with the products, including the smells and flavors they experienced.

There is nothing wrong with not trying to pretend you are an expert. By taking the time to talk to the different staff members at Midway Dispensary you might find yourself directed toward a strain you wouldn’t have picked out on your own, but will fall in love with. A good marijuana dispensary ensures their staff is educated to answer your questions, and make you feel comfortable asking them.