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Medical Marijuana as an Opioid Alternative

For millions of people, pain is a daily reality. With recent revelations about the critical dangers of opioid addiction, it’s clear that many of those people could be in danger when relying on traditional methods of relief. That’s why patients looking for healthier and more manageable opioid alternatives in Chicago often turn to medical marijuana.

It is true that opioids themselves are a necessary resource for people in pain, but the over-prescription of these drugs has turned a last resort into a first choice for even mild conditions. With medical marijuana gaining more traction as a real, effective, and relatively safe treatment for a wide range of conditions, it offers many advantages over opioids. Some of those include:

Fewer Health Risks — With virtually no possibility of deadly overdose, it’s hard to overstate the difference between marijuana and opioids when it comes to the danger of a dose. That alone attracts many people who experience similar levels of relief from the less risky option.

Versatile Benefits — Unlike opioids, marijuana seems to provide relief for a wide range of conditions and may even support healing, rather than simply staving off symptoms.

Economic Health — For consumers, supporting the same companies that encouraged unsafe opioid practices is simply unconscionable. Local dispensaries invest in the surrounding community and don’t have an extensive history of putting lives on the line for profit.