Questions to Ask at the Dispensary

With recreational cannabis now legal for adults in Illinois, it’s important to make informed decisions about what you purchase. There are plenty of options on the market, and knowing the right questions to ask at your Chicago marijuana dispensary can help you find the right ones for you. The professionals who work in these licensed businesses are there to offer answers and guidance for their customers.

Some of the things to inquire about include:

Products — From brand-new strains and products to special deals, it’s always worth checking into the latest updates at your specific dispensary. Doing so can help you save money, try new things, and make the most of your visit.

Sourcing — Dispensary teams know exactly where the cannabis flowers, extracts, and other products in the dispensary come from. They can tell you who the farmer is and what growing methods they use, which might be relevant to your decision if you’re looking for organic or sustainable products.

Experience — Just like a bartender can usually tell you about their favorite drinks; a dispensary professional can offer insight into particular products they offer. Whether it’s a new strain or an infused snack, you can learn a lot about the offers available from the people who know them best.

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Cannabis is Legal for Adult Use — Now What?

As of January 2020, marijuana is legal for recreational use in Illinois. For many people, that leaves plenty of questions to answer. Before you hit up a local Chicago dispensary, make sure you know what to expect. Whether you’re an avid follower of the move to legalize or a first-time customer, understanding this landmark change can help you shop smart. Let’s take a look at a few of the most important things to know before you buy.

Adults Only — Just like tobacco and alcohol, marijuana is still illegal for minors to purchase. If you’re under the age of 21, you’ll need to wait before you make your first trip to the dispensary. For those old enough to partake, remember not to share any of your purchases with underage individuals.

Ask Your Employer — Cannabis may not be against the law, but companies can still maintain zero-tolerance policies. Make sure you know your employer’s expectations and don’t lose your job because of a miscommunication.

Public vs. Private — You still can’t light up in public spaces, including your front porch. The general guideline is not to use cannabis anywhere where the public could reasonably observe you. Backyards and balconies are usually fine. The one thing you can’t do at home? Grow your own plants. With the exception of medical marijuana users, a licensed dispensary is the only place to get marijuana legally.


Treating Migraines with Medical Marijuana

Migraines are much more than a headache. Debilitating and unpredictable, they impact millions around the world. Historically, few treatments have been able to offer real relief, but the recent embrace of medical cannabis in Chicago and other places is changing that reality for migraine patients. When it’s accessible, it can change lives — and even save them.

It’s difficult to describe the extent to which frequent migraines can cause harm. A devastating blend of acute pain and chronic occurrence, they can crush any ability to rest, relax, or work productively when they strike. For some, they can even drive feelings of life-threating depression and frustration.

That’s why many sufferers turn to medical marijuana. Thanks to research, advocacy groups, and patients themselves, the long-suspected relief that cannabis can provide is finally a frequent topic of discussion among medical and media professionals. Used responsibly, it can instantly and effectively soothe many of the symptoms of a migraine with relatively few side effects.

In the past, getting that kind of help often meant breaking the law, but the benefits to patients have driven many areas to open up marijuana for medical use. At businesses like Midway Dispensary, relief is the currency of the day, and well worth navigating the challenges of a growing industry where reliable help for patients is more available than ever.

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Medical Marijuana as an Opioid Alternative

For millions of people, pain is a daily reality. With recent revelations about the critical dangers of opioid addiction, it’s clear that many of those people could be in danger when relying on traditional methods of relief. That’s why patients looking for healthier and more manageable opioid alternatives in Chicago often turn to medical marijuana.

It is true that opioids themselves are a necessary resource for people in pain, but the over-prescription of these drugs has turned a last resort into a first choice for even mild conditions. With medical marijuana gaining more traction as a real, effective, and relatively safe treatment for a wide range of conditions, it offers many advantages over opioids. Some of those include:

Fewer Health Risks — With virtually no possibility of deadly overdose, it’s hard to overstate the difference between marijuana and opioids when it comes to the danger of a dose. That alone attracts many people who experience similar levels of relief from the less risky option.

Versatile Benefits — Unlike opioids, marijuana seems to provide relief for a wide range of conditions and may even support healing, rather than simply staving off symptoms.

Economic Health — For consumers, supporting the same companies that encouraged unsafe opioid practices is simply unconscionable. Local dispensaries invest in the surrounding community and don’t have an extensive history of putting lives on the line for profit.

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Choosing the Best Cannabis Strains for IBS

Living with a chronic illness can be a challenge. Medical marijuana, however, is showing people better ways to deal with the regular struggles they have to deal with due to their illness. But how do you know which strain to choose when you visit your Chicago dispensary? If you are dealing with IBS, then the following strains might just be the right solution for you:

Pink Kush – This strain is known as a fast-acting pain reliever that isn’t going to leave you feeling worse for wear as it takes care of your nausea and pain. Indica dominant, this strain leaves you with a very uplifted feeling that helps you feel calmer and happier while helping you deal with inflammation, depression, and even lack of appetite.

LSD – Don’t let the name fool you; this strain has nothing in common with its namesake. Instead, this strain helps you deal with anxiety, body aches, and general gastrointestinal pain. It is also has a high THC percentage.

Cannatonic – Featuring a high level of CBD, this strain helps you treat your discomfort without giving you a big high. This makes it great for when you still need to be able to deal with your chronic illness while still being able to function through your daily routine.

Harlequin – One of the lesser known strains, Harlequin has a very high CBD to THC ratio, which means you can enjoy all of the pain relief you need without getting the high you may not want when treating your IBS.

Tangerine Dream – A super-strength hybrid strain with one of the biggest reputations, Tangerine Dream is excellent for those suffering from stomach pain, anxiety, or stress. With a very high THC level, this strain is likely best for nighttime use.


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The Best Strains for Fibromyalgia

As more and more people are finding out, marijuana has a wide variety of properties that can be helpful for those dealing with different types of chronic illnesses. With so many different strains available at marijuana dispensaries in Chicago, however, it can be difficult to know exactly what type is right for your specific needs. If you are suffering from fibromyalgia, then here are some of the strains to keep an eye out for to help you with your pain:

Harlequin – Featuring a high CBD content, this strain curbs the intoxicating and anxious side effects of THC while delivering all of the painkilling power it is known to provide. This helps you maintain your focus while reducing the dizzying euphoria that can sometimes come with strong THC strains.

Cannatonic – This is another strain that is high in CBD. Only mildly intoxicating, this strain is great at helping you deal with anxiety, pain, muscle spasms, and a variety of other symptoms.

Tahoe OG – When your fibromyalgia symptoms are keeping you up at night, this is the strain for you. Tahoe OG helps you and your muscles find blissful relaxation that melts away tension and pain.

Granddaddy Purple – This classic strain is known for its potent painkilling properties. Featuring high-levels of myrcene, this sweet-tasting strain helps you treat physical symptoms while loosening the grip of anxiety, stress, and depression.

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What Is the Perfect Ratio of CBD to THC?

It may seem like a numbers game to those seeking the health benefits of medical marijuana. On one side is CBD or Cannabidiol; on the other is THC or delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol. Both are cannabinoids and chemicals that are found in varying levels in the products in a

Chicago marijuana dispensary.

CBD is used for its anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant, and anti-oxidant properties. On the other hand, THC is known for the high that is associated with marijuana, as well as pain relief and elevated mood. Many studies have found the combination of both provides patients with the results they’re seeking from cannabis.

You’ll notice the labeling with ratios on the various medical marijuana products. It may be 1:1 with equal amounts of both chemicals, or it could be 18:1 with a greater dose of CBD. In fact, those are the numbers that are most popular with patients. A good number for you depends on the condition or illness you have and your tolerance for THC.

Seek out information specific to your need from a Chicago marijuana dispensary to see what is recommended for you. Then, proceed with caution, using small amounts and being patient with their results. After a time of experimentation, you’ll find the ratio of CBD to THC that works best for you.


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Easing the Pain of Endometriosis with Medical Marijuana

No woman welcomes the monthly pain that accompanies endometriosis. For this time, women are held hostage to the inflammation and cramps that put their lives on hold for days on end. Calling off work, holing up in the bedroom, and taking painkillers are common ways women try to cope.

However, with the legalization of medical marijuana, women have other options. The cannabinoids in cannabis go a long way toward relieving pain by reducing inflammation, relaxing muscles, and increasing blood flow. When suffering is reduced, women can take back their lives and focus on what makes them happy, rather than trying to distract themselves from the pain of endometriosis.

Many consider this to be a safer and more effective way to treat the condition than traditional prescription medication or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Still others prefer the use of a natural alternative to deal with the pain.

If this is something you want to explore; look for a marijuana dispensary in Chicago with knowledgeable staff and quality products, one that adheres to state laws and is professional in the way it does business. You’ll also need to go through the paperwork to get a license and select a dispensary of record, like Midway Dispensary. Cannabis will be legal for adult use without a prescription in 2020.

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Medical Cannabis for Sleep Disorders

Sleep disorders, such as insomnia, are not uncommon, but they can still be damaging to our overall well-being. Any doctor will tell you that a good night’s sleep is a must if you want to live your best life. So how do you go about finding solutions to getting the rest you need without turning to powerful medications? The solution for you might just be medical cannabis in Chicago.

Doctors and scientists are finding out that marijuana is an effective sleep aid for those with certain sleep disorders. How does it help? Well, the cannabis helps to restore a person’s natural sleep cycle with little to no side effects. THC, one of the main chemicals in cannabis, helps people enter a deeper sleep, which is considered the most restorative and restful part of the sleep cycle.

Like all sleep aids, you will want to discuss the options available to you with your doctor to ensure you are using the right amount to get the sleep you need. Still, medical cannabis is showing that not every sleep aid available has to be a potent pill, and for many people, that is a reason to celebrate.

Become a patient at Midway Dispensary and find relief from restless nights.

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Questions to Ask at the Dispensary

With more and more marijuana dispensaries opening in Chicago, you might find yourself wondering exactly how to approach your first visit. While you might be somewhat familiar with the effects different strains of marijuana have on you, the sheer variety you can find at many dispensaries might leave your head spinning. So how do you pick out the right variety for the type of experience you are after? The answer is to ask the right questions.

Many employees at most dispensaries have a good understanding of their stock, and you will always benefit from being upfront by asking them any questions you have or asking for their assistance in making recommendations. If you aren’t already familiar with the differences, ask about the differences between indica, sativa, or hybrid strains. Terpene profiles add another layer of complexity to your selection. You can also ask them about their personal experiences with the products, including the smells and flavors they experienced.

There is nothing wrong with not trying to pretend you are an expert. By taking the time to talk to the different staff members at Midway Dispensary you might find yourself directed toward a strain you wouldn’t have picked out on your own, but will fall in love with. A good marijuana dispensary ensures their staff is educated to answer your questions, and make you feel comfortable asking them.