A Quick Guide to Terpenes

jar of cannabis in a dispensaryYou have probably heard all about how different strains of Marijuana have different effects on the body. While we used to differentiate these strains based on whether they are an indica, sativa, or hybrid strain, we now know that the terpene profile is a more reliable way to ascertain how your cannabis will affect you. Let’s break it down:

What Are Terpenes?

In a cannabis plant, there are glands that produce cannabinoids like THC and CBD. These same glands produce terpenes. These terpenes are oils that provide the different strains with their distinctive aromas, colors, and taste. While these terpenes were part of an evolutionary adaptation to ward off predators and attract pollinating insects, humans are now breeding strains to create specific terpenes. Impressively, we have identified more than 100 varieties.

Different Terpenes Have Different Effects

While the terpene profile of different cannabis strains affects their flavor and aroma, the most interesting thing is how they affect your body. Each type of terpene is associated with certain effects. For example, while limonene is associated with improved mood, linalool is known to aid relaxation. Each strain of cannabis can contain a variety of terpines, and they all work in harmony to produce a unique effect.

When you visit our Chicago marijuana dispensary, our helpful staff can help you select a strain that best meets your needs. While Midway Dispensary currently only provides cannabis to medical marijuana patients, we expect to begin selling cannabis for adult use in January 2020.