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How Medical Cannabis is Grown – Part 1

When it comes to growing medical marijuana, professional, licensed growers in Illinois are the only ones who are legally allowed to produce it. These facilities are highly regulated, well maintained medical marijuana farms that must pass rigorous testing by the government. However, there are specific ways that Chicago marijuana ediblesall medical cannabis is grown, from state to state. Here is a look at how it is grown and what must be done to make sure it meets all state regulations.

The Growing Process

Due to state regulations, medical marijuana patients cannot grow their own medical cannabis. This is for obvious reasons, such as making sure it is appropriately raised, monitored, and observed under laws that allow it to be safe for everyone.

Many dispensaries have to grow their medical cannabis plants indoors due to the lack of space and colder climate in Illinois. These dispensaries usually have another location in which the cannabis is grown, with a specific area dedicated to the growing process. This area, known as the “Grow Room,” has to be temperature regulated, as well as have the proper lighting, soil, and automated irrigation for the plants to thrive. These kind of rooms are usually dark since any form of outdoor lighting can interrupt the plant’s growth. In part 2 of our blog post about how medical marijuana is grown, we will cover the different regulations in which it has to raised within.

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