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The Different Strains of Marijuana

Chicago medicinal marijuanaA question we regularly receive about medicinal marijuana is how the different types of cannabis strains can help treat specific problems. There are three main categories that medical cannabis strains’ fall into – Indica, Sativa, and hybrids. Here are a few different facts about each of these strains and how they are used to treat specific illnesses, conditions, or diseases.

Indica – Indica plants are smaller in size about Sativa plants but are usually fuller in flowers and nodes. Additionally, Indica also has a higher level of THC than Sativa and is almost always grown indoors due to its short height. Since this type of strain contains higher levels of THC, it is usually used in medicinal cannabis that treats nausea, depression, anxiety, and sleep issues. Additionally, it is used to help patients that are going through chemotherapy, people who suffer from fibromyalgia, and other conditions that deal with chronic pain.

Sativa – Unlike Indica plants, Sativa grows taller plants with long, skinny leaves. Since it is a taller plant, it can be produced outside in warm, humid conditions. However, the flowering time for Sativa is significantly longer, so the environment in which it is grown with has to stay the same for four to six months. This strain is also lower in THC than Indica, which can often have a stimulating effect on patients. Sativa is a great strain to help treat a variety of conditions such as migraines, depression, and attention-related disorders.

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